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Unlearning what you’ve learned…

Again and as always, Derek Sivers nails it.
TOP advice. For real. In life and specially career.
The other day someone really young, that I am helping in his project, asked me for advice on a topic and major decision in his life. And although I had indeed an opinion I decided not to present it in full and detail… Because my info is outdated. My opinion itself is outdated. It is a topic that I haven’t study in years. How could I be sure that my opinion, although feeling confident on it, would be up to date or even be relevant nowadays?!?
So with a broken heart and to his surprise I did not give him full disclosure on my viewpoint and helped him instead with support and skills of decision making on his own. And right there and then I decided I would get back in the game in the next few years helping my own kids while getting up to date on the topic. But it still weighted on my heart not having helped that young boy that day…

Reading this today just brought peace to my heart.

“It hurts to go from feeling like an expert to feeling like an idiot. But it’s crucial to go through that pain, or you’ll never grow.” by Derek Sivers.