“What a person can be, he/she must be…”

Self-actualization by Abraham Maslow.

Dialogy_LogoFounder & Chief Communicator of Dialogy Consulting providing customized consulting services on Business Development, Marketing & Communication, Social Media, Brand Management, Marketing Programs & Initiatives, Content Generation and Event Organization.

A mind, heart and soul business Founder,  ensuring that herself, and her teams of hand-picked professionals, apply the company values but also imprint their unique skills at every project while finding solutions, not problems and aiming to excel at what they do.

A marketer with intrinsic skills of communication, focused on priorities, results and quality of outputs, fueled by a passion for innovation and still caring a drive to learn and move forward after almost 20 years of career in the MKT, HR, Start-up and IT worlds.

A “self & team” made person at life and business that has gathered under her belt tools, knowledge, experiences and initiatives for the entrepreneurial ecosystem including having started a few businesses of her own and by launching some Pro-bono and Volunteer Projects that she believes move the needle for a better future and world.



If you identify yourself with who I am, if you want to Talk about random topics over a cup of coffee or if you need what I do, then feel free to contact me . Thank You!

M: +351 91 351 2526 | E: luisa@dialogy.pt | Skype: luisabaltazar