“If you are facing in the right direction, all you need to do is keep on walking.”


As a Strategy Advisor,

I provide Advising Services, to a company’s founding team, C-suite or higher-level management team, bringing value as a thought partner and solution-creator based on real-world experience.   

My duties are to study the organizational goals and strategies of a business and advise on what can be done to better serve the company and its C-suite executive team. I bring experience and know-how to identify and advise on business opportunities supporting investment scouting by mediating and matching objectives, which will allow all stakeholders to have a valuable return.

As a Strategy Advisor I provide executive advice, rate calculated upon request, that supports business growth, reduces business failure risks and increases the likelihood of success in any and every personal and/or business endeavor.

As a Business Expert,

I have developed a co-Validation Process that, once customized to your specific goals, will help identify your innovation stance and business strengths. It will also highlight any potential risks or inconsistencies in essential topics such as value and supply chains, development of marketable offer, and investment readiness, just to name a few.

If you are launching a new business and need to deliver funding applications or have a startup and need to pitch to investors, together we will validate your Business Plan while going over and validating all the details and steps inherent to turning ideas into fundable startups.

If you have a breakthrough technology and a game-changing innovation, then we will work on your business plan and strategy aiming to create new markets and scale up internationally, as startups must turn into global businesses.

The validation process is based on up to 10 of your business priorities and will provide you insight into your growth and scalability potential. Comprised of 30h of online sessions and supported by work tools, your customized validation process focuses on your specific goals and business priorities, such as:

  • Value proposition
  • Development of Marketable offer
  • Go-to-Market;
  • Partnerships Strategy
  • Organizational Development
  • Value & Supply Chains
  • Investment readiness
  • Financial sustainability
  • … and more.

Together we will improve your business plan and implementation strategies and further develop your market entry strategy in order to increase your chances of securing funding or investment, grow or scale the business, and reach your goals for future success.

As a Mentor & Coach,

I have created Coaching Programs to inspire you to maximize your business growth, shine light on your professional and personal potential, or even support you in making life changing decisions that will put you on the path for the life you wish. Customized to your specific goals, these programs focus on supporting you to further develop your own unique skills.

Created for Entrepreneurs and embedded Leaders, the coaching framework is built on essential business questions, activities and development topics to provide you with the essential tools for personal development with a global inspirational and transformational leadership style.

Comprised of 10h of online sessions based on five main steps, the coaching programs offer unique exercises and work tools, depending on the chosen program, to address 4 key areas: your leadership and entrepreneurial potential; improving your business idea and plan, validating your implementation strategies and pitching it like a pro!

The flow and time dedicated to each step will be adapted to your needs as well as to the agenda agreed upon together. Some of the programs available are:

  • Decision Making
  • Action Taking
  • Business Ideation
  • Pitch Making
  • Global Leading

Through this cooperative journey and process, I will also help you develop a strategic mindset that will empower you to better tackle all your main challenges may it be in life or in business.

As a Speaker,

I deliver Creative and Inspirational talks that both Educate and Engage the audience. I share knowledge and points of view originated or ignited by “myself and/or others”. Proudly being a “multipotentialite” (do feel free to look it up) I have been invited and challenged to cover a wide variety of topics. Here are just a few of my favorites:

  • Creativity as the ignitor of Innovation
  • Digital transformation & Human equilibrium Women in Life and Business
  • How to navigate life and career with success
  • How to create value from scratch How to create creative ideas

Some of these talks are available either in pdf or video so if you’re interested in having access to them, just let me know and I will gladly provide it.

My know-how and expertise,

I have gathered my experience from a 25+ years global career in the Startup and IT worlds, including Startup Acceleration, Strategic Marketing, Communication and Business Strategy in the Silicon Valley USA, and across Europe and the world.

Below you will find some examples of organizations that I have worked with both now and in the past.

My clients and results,

It was indeed with a happy heart that I gathered, from all over the world, a few testimonials and feedback that I have kindly received while doing what I do best and love the most as Strategic Advisor, Business Expert and Coach.

If you need any of my services or are curious to know more, then feel free to contact me as I always find time for a talk. One never knows the value and opportunities we can bring to each other when working together for a purpose or goal.

Our coaching with Luisa was very, very helpful for us! She really gets the point of what we need to develop on our business plan and our overall goal. She always takes time for us and our special questions. With the help of our coach we got a clear vision of our goals and strategic concept. It was not only helpful for the present challenges, it was also for the future development of our company.

ROBOT SG | Virtual Safety Guard for safe interaction between human and robots

#Automation #DetectionTech #emergencysystems #securityengineering #robots #controlsystems #Industry40

It is with a great pleasure and honour that I would like to provide feedback on Luisa’s coaching. Without undue modesty I’d like to say that this is the best coach we’ve had! With Luisa’s input, the strategy immensely improved, our business plan and outlook has considerably stepped up and the quality of the pitch deck is now nowhere near where it was. All thanks to Luisa’s inputs. Apart from having an absolutely nice personality she is a great professional who has a lot of experience and is ever so willing to share it with her coachees. I would like to thank Luisa for her efforts to bring Fushka to a whole new level. Our chances of success are much higher thanks to Luisa’s valuable help. We have no hesitation in recommending her as the best!

FUSHKA | Connecting people to blue-collar jobs worldwide

#hrmanagement #employmentservices #Humanresources #Serviceinnovation #Socialinnovation

Coach was very useful both to help navigate the (comprehensive and sometimes complex) EIC application procedure as well as to help us focus our business strategy. Coach was very good, flexible and fun.

IMPACT_9 | Novel flexible structures technology that enables sustainable and profitable aquaculture at offshore ocean zones.

#Aquaculture #OceanEngineering #MaterialsEngineering #aquaticbiology

Luisa Baltazar was an excellent coach and helped us more than I could dream of.

JOISTO DSS-Platform | Blockchain based Data Storage & Sharing Platform

#Communicationnetworks #media #informationsociety #Dataprotection #Blockchain #DistributedLedgerTechnology #serviceinnovation #Digitalservices #Machine learning #statisticaldataprocessing #Behaviouralchange #Engineering #technology #Openinnovation #Businessmodelinnovation