“Give the ones you love wings to fly, roots to come back and reasons to stay.”

Dalai Lama.

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Wings to fly

“My kids are awesome” now has become an understatement.

Oldest is now 17. Now on the 2nd year attending and loving the Design Art school that came to be the best thing ever! To top it off, was awarded another year of scholarship for a Performing Arts school. My life is a continuous broadway show with this kid of mine!

Youngster is now 12. Now finally handling Portuguese language and school as if he was born and raised here and still the wise crack, comedian at service and bottomless pit of love and laughter I got so used to have around the house. Noah and Colbert… He’s coming to get you.

Roots to come back

Still in Lisbon, Portugal, but now at a new place in Belém. Still loving it all! But still missing the Bay Area and the USA… A lot. Nevertheless, still enjoying being and living the best of both worlds when and as much as possible.

Reasons to stay

I am super hiper and excited to love, learn and thrive along side with my long time friend in life, who’s now my business partner at SOMA Services, a company providing support and consultancy to Individuals, Corporations and Start-ups.

In the meantime life, work and chance has been pulling me towards the Health Area and Industry… And I am loving it!! Learning all about science’s advancements in tech and innovation, and finding out how my creative business skills are of worth and value when applied to it. Definitely there is no limits for a Growth Mindset in action… at whatever age!

I am still struggling in applying my own self-imposed pareto of dedicating 20% of my time, resources and self, to my international Non-Profit Organization, REACH ALLIANCE Global Network. Trying my best to make those 20% productive enough to keep it running and keep making an impact in the world with our Mission. And now I keep trying, with my good friend and founder of it, to find a way to make it financially sustainable so that we can grow further and reach out even more people… (If you know any possible patron or sponsor please send them my way.)

I continue with my contribution to the Entrepreneurial ecosystem as a Mentor through my Dialogy Mentor Program, and will do so even further as I joined the Founder Institute as one of their Mentors and continue contributing at NOVA FCT for a 3rd year in a row. This way, I hope that the fruits and lessons learned from some may be the seeds for the future fruitful orchards of others.

I am more and more dedicated and allocating time and anergy now to get back in shape in terms of body and health after my back injury so that I can continue to be fully active and get on a few more adventure challenges soon enough.

At last but not least or by the way… I am loving my new grey hairs!! And wrinkles… Honestly, I am. I think it gives me charme and charisma! 😀

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