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Personal Note

#MeToo, I am a victim of sexual harassment.
Specific situations that changed me forever:
As a young girl working at a hotel.
As a still young woman working at a construction company.
As a woman in an international project and company.
And oddly enough, as a grown independent strong woman at age 43 that when approaching men for business networking, now and then still gets the: “You’re coming on to me, right!?” treatment.

Those of you who know me well know that I am supper chatty about everything in general but I manage to do it while being super private about myself and my life…
Inspired by a friend’s open heart event I attended yesterday, and today having come across this chain message (an example of how Social media can be used for good as a massive voice and movement) I decided to publicly open up and share a bit about my past life and experiences. I do it only because I admire, respect and aspire to contribute to all that has been done by all the brave women that speak about their own experiences and all those brave women that endure it silently for valid reasons of their own.
Women should never ever be embarrassed or ashamed by someone else’s wrong or bad behaviour. Even if we walked ourselves into that situation in the first place.
Men should never ever be embarrassed or ashamed to stand up against their peers by stopping a wrongful situation or by defending women’s right to be respected. Even if they walked themselves into that group.
Ultimately when Women or Men do speak up and act up against these situations, they are defending not only themselves but also the future of their loved ones, may it be daughters, nieces, wife, mother or sisters.

Share the word. Speak Up. 

Let’s us know if You Too…