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May this PopUp Mind of mine be the solution, fuel and ignition for my own Paradoxes…


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“True happiness” in one sentence.

In one sentence and in my own words, what is true happiness? To me, true happiness is to always have enough. Enough health...   Enough love...   Enough adventure...   Enough money... Enough of anything and of everything to make... Continue Reading →


I just found a true gem on one of my favorite blogs: an article on Einsteins's Love letters. And I JUST HAD to share it and blog about it of course! People who know me well enough to have discussed... Continue Reading →

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

For many reasons, today I found myself inspired on the subject of Motherhood which is always a great subject, one has to admit! Through my research I found this Bored Panda article and amazing display of how much a woman is... Continue Reading →

To be a tide, or not to be.

"The rising tide lifts all boats... Always be a tide to others, never an anchor."

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