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Don’t worry. Be happy.

The 5 Solutions one must have nowadays, in a pandemic world of 2020, so to worry less and to be more happy. So I say.

Mid Year 2020, WTF! Edition

This is the only post and text I feel it needs to be shared and archived for posterity about all that has happened in 2020... Thus posting it on my blog. Although I DID NOT write this, I do want... Continue Reading →

How to stop our slutty cousin?

"Popularity is the slutty little cousin of prestige."Birdman Movie by Keaton When I first saw this movie, that I love by the way, hearing this specific quote was like a blow in the stomach... So true and deep it is.... Continue Reading →

A true show and gift of love…

Everyone has, or had at some point, the quest to show and express love or the quest of finding the perfect gift to do so. Giving respect, true friendship, support, caring and so many more examples of a good character... Continue Reading →

A people choose A people. B choose C.

Who these are and how do their characteristics play a role in work, love or life? Let me share with you this widely generalised truism of mine…

The way that I am…

A few days ago I had a great debate with a good friend on the advantages and disadvantages of being single and on why people choose to be or to stay in a relationship even if it's not working 100%.... Continue Reading →

Lessons from a Mountain

3 short, yet important lessons worthy of any Super hero's tale and story.

Fight the Ego.

About dealing with today's egos and sales/marketing... Choosing wisely the WHY and the HOW we inspire others in life, career or for business is as important as the WHAT we do for them. Influence and Advice can be positive forms... Continue Reading →

Take action. Then look at others’.

About dealing with the success of others... Choosing wisely what side of the action you want to be in life, business and career will ultimately define what type of person you are: Proactive, Reactive or just Inactive? #SelfChallenges #ChooseWisely #Business#WhatsNext #FirstThingsFirst #Dialogy 

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