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May it be the ignition, fuel or solution for one's paradoxes.


How I Live

Don’t worry. Be happy.

The 5 Solutions one must have nowadays, in a pandemic world of 2020, so to worry less and to be more happy. So I say.

The way that I am…

A few days ago I had a great debate with a good friend on the advantages and disadvantages of being single and on why people choose to be or to stay in a relationship even if it's not working 100%.... Continue Reading →

Lessons from a Mountain

3 short, yet important lessons worthy of any Super hero's tale and story.

Fight the Ego.

About dealing with today's egos and sales/marketing... Choosing wisely the WHY and the HOW we inspire others in life, career or for business is as important as the WHAT we do for them. Influence and Advice can be positive forms... Continue Reading →

Take action. Then look at others’.

About dealing with the success of others... Choosing wisely what side of the action you want to be in life, business and career will ultimately define what type of person you are: Proactive, Reactive or just Inactive? #SelfChallenges #ChooseWisely #Business#WhatsNext #FirstThingsFirst #Dialogy 

Drop some balls.

About choices in life, business and career... Choosing wisely what opportunities and investments you give up and let go of can be as or more important than the ones you keep as an option for later. Knowing how to choose... Continue Reading →


... FROM THIEVES AND DOGS ❤️  That moment when a movie with thieves and about the horror of staged dog-fighting delivers the truth about Missed Opportunities at Love. Adrian Brody -  “She said she wouldn’t wait for me.” John Malkovich-  “Hummm…... Continue Reading →

My one and only Podcast!

About that moment of when browsing the web you stumble upon a one year old Podcast with your name in it and that you really, really thought it had never been published! Thank you Espree Devora for the chance to voice out... Continue Reading →

2018… To do or not to do?

2018. MAKE IT HAPPEN Sometimes in life you find yourself at overburn and in need to stop and shut down. Other times in life you are stagnant in your creative drive. Or you just feel the need for a push of... Continue Reading →

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