A few days ago I had a great debate with a good friend on the advantages and disadvantages of being single and on why people choose to be or to stay in a relationship even if it’s not working 100%.

And I had a hard time bringing down to a thought and sentence why it makes me happy to continuously stay single… Which is different from saying that I refuse a future relationship of value, of course!

Then it so happened that today here I am far, far from home in the middle of nowhere in the USA,  as happy as one can be, warm and cozy although working hard and long hours on a rainy day when… A music comes along.

A music that sheds a little bit of light on why I keep enjoying my single life as I do.

“I would be lucky to find me a man

Who could love me the way that I am

A worrisome troubling baggage free modern day dame

Ain’t nobody the same…”

Worrisome heart by Melody Gardot

For us, the work-travel-learn-life-freedom ’aholics that roam this world, it is hard to be accepted and loved “the way I am”.

It is hard for other people to see our life priorities and decisions the way we see them: a clear gut feeling vision in the middle of a kaleidoscopic array of possibilities too complex to explain for those that do not live life in a balance between the heart and the brain as we do. Always moving forward and with eyes set on the horizon far away.

The hardest thing for other people, may they love us, be our friends or may they have just met us, the hardest thing to understand and accept is that we, the work-travel-learn-life-freedom ’aholics, we have no problem or trouble with being the way we are. We actually enjoy it and foster it. Zero guilt and zero problem with it.

Anyway, maybe this music is just a woman complaining about not “getting a man”…

But the ’aholic in me immediately saw a kaleidoscopic array of possibilities and meanings. All positive and all just right for the way I am.

“A worrisome troubling baggage free modern day dame”.

And then I happily got back to work with the rain pouring down outside.

PS ADDENDUM:  Adding here an article that a friend sees as to fit me like a glove. Trying to “save” the article I decided this post of mine would be THE perfect place.