Spending my Easter weekend without the kids and with such nice weather I decided to do what every working Mom does alone in the house with warm weather: spring cleaning! 😀

In that process I came to a conclusion, a challenge and a pledge of my own…

While organizing our wardrobes and selecting things to donate to people in need, I realized that even with having only a modic amount of things (after only 2 years back in Portugal) we still have too much. Having more things is indeed more money and precious time spent on buying, cleaning, sorting and handling stuff. Is it worth it? Does owning more things make us more happier? We all know it doesn’t but people still buy more than they need.

How does one break the cycle?

Have in mind that I love fashion ok?! I love getting dressed and I love it when I find a good bargain that fits me just right. I love it when I dress up my kids and they look nice and cute. We all do and we shouldn’t fully give up on that pleasure either.

Again, how does one break the cycle?

While sorting our stuff I realized that many of my favorite clothes are the old comfy ones. Or that dress that is a classic. Or that other one that’s just a fun or iconic piece. All of the sudden I also realized that being so busy with work and with my happy life I haven’t shopped for anything or even walked in or stopped at a store for several months now.

And that’s when it hit me:

“Why don’t I try to stretch it out to a full year without buying any clothes, jewelry or stuff? Mind as well and stretch it out to not buying any house decor as well nor whatever else we purchase without actually needing it. Challenge accepted!”

Of course it is easier for me to set up and embrace this challenge since at over 40 years old and after a successful enough life and career, I have achieved many of my self goals and have most of my earthly needs fulfilled.

I do have a fair amount of nice things to satisfy my Vanity, Social and Work needs. In case of need I do own enough black dresses, high heels and nice purses to keep me going. In case of need I do own enough bikinis, pareos and flipflops as well as boots or sneakers to have me covered in all type of situations.

Therefore, I have achieved my GOAL OF HAVING ENOUGH. Therefore no need to continue buying and accumulating stuff. Therefore this challenge of mine of trying to spend 1 year Shopping Free.

In 1 year I will see how hard it was to control my shopping needs, how enlightening it was the process of deconstructing the inner speech of “… but it’s such a nice piece and such a nice price…”, I will see how much money I have saved and how much happier I was with the time I was left with without shopping.

Hopefully this challenge will be a cycle breaker.

Hopefully this will make me grow to “Be More by having Less”.

Will you join me and do the #BeMoreHaveLess challenge with me?


On a related topic and worth reading here it is a great read and initiative from the author of the images in this article: “A bunch of pretty things I did not buy” by Sarah Lazarovic.