I just found a true gem on one of my favorite blogs: an article on Einsteins’s Love letters.

And I JUST HAD to share it and blog about it of course!
People who know me well enough to have discussed Love and relationships with me, know my take and view on the subject and have heard me say and dwell, as an example and metaphor for acceptance, on Einstein’s marriage:

“Einstein’s wife loved him for being the way he is and would not complaint that he never remembered to take the trash out or complained about him being locked out in his study obsessing over a formula and not obsessing over her. She loved Einstein-the genius as much as she loved Einstein-the man. She accepted both and she did so regardless of whether it would work at the end or not. To her, he wasn’t perfect but he was surely worth it.”

To me, this process of evolving together, this mixture of pure logic and emotions, of humor mixed with honest and sincere bluntness and this mutual acceptance is one of the most beautiful stories of Love I’ve ever heard of…

Along side with Frida Kahlo’s love story of course!

Love in any relationship shouldn’t be about a destination but about the journey itself.

This article sums it up and, to me, it highlights what matters the most. It’s a bit of a long read but so worth it… Enjoy it!


(PS – In case any of you need extra convincing: in the letter he compares her to a prostitute, calls her a witch and promises to spank her!!! Come on, not even Nicholas Sparks pulls all that off! LOL!! )