Kennedy once said: “The rising tide lifts all boats.”

I love this quote of his and I use it often in different contexts. He was referring to the economy at the time but I believe you can apply it to so many more things such as business, community, family and helping others.

I use it as a compass in my personal live, in my profession and in my way of living.

Today, as a wish and an opener for my publications and blog posts, I leave it here for you all but with a twist of my own:

“The rising tide lifts all boats… Always be a tide to others, never an anchor.”

I do hope that among the funny, ranting, introspect, crazy, weird and chaotic blog posts I intend to leave here on PopUp Mind, I will be anything but an anchor…

I wish that these blog posts, originated from my daily attempts to rise my own Tide of Life, will in some way contribute with at least a drop of water to rise your own boat.

I will be pleased to know if I contributed to your rising tide in some way. Even if the only thing you get out of my posts is just a random and casual laugh I will be pleased anyway. Because if a post doesn’t work in full to affect your Tide of Life, at least it may make your boat seem a little bit lighter while it makes you laugh.

I wish I will always be a tide… For myself at least.