“Trying to define yourself is like trying to bite your own teeth.”

Alan Watts.


I am an Executive Advisor, Business Coach & Mentor, Founder of Businesses and Speaker with intrinsic skills essential for strategy and implementation that gets s#it done on a daily basis. All while helping Founders, CxO’s and Organizations walk the talk by making business and results happen in agile creative ways.

Considered by others to be a cheerful warrior soul at life and business that gathered under my belt the tools, knowledge and experience for the entrepreneurial ecosystem after 20+ years of career in the Startup and IT worlds as well as in areas such as Business Strategy, Marketing and Human Resources in the Silicon Valley USA, in Europe and now based in Portugal.

In addition, I consider myself to be a natural communicator in a constant search for the paths that may take my curiosity from knowledge to wisdom. With a never-ending drive to learn and give back, with pro-bono social projects that I believe move the needle for a better future and world, I am a strong believer that “Communication is dialogue. Dialogue is sharing. Sharing is value”.

All of these, are indeed a hand full of reasons to now and then feel inspired. Thus now and then I find the time to write on my blog about things that Pop-up to my mind. Know more about My blog or visit My work. May it, hopefully, be of value and use to you.

Be well and let’s talk one of these days!

Luisa Baltazar