“Trying to define yourself is like trying to bite your own teeth.”

Alan Watts.

Luisa Baltazar, a Speaker, Mentor, Executive Consultant and Founder of businesses that gets s#it done on a daily basis. All while helping Founders, CxO’s and Organizations walk the talk by making business and results happen in agile creative ways.

A natural born communicator in search for the paths that may take her curiosity from knowledge to wisdom with intrinsic skills essential for strategy and implementation. And a strong believer that communication is dialogue, dialogue is learning and learning is constant evolution.

A mind, heart and soul leader,  ensuring that herself, and her teams of hand-picked professionals, apply the company values but also imprint their unique skills at every project while finding solutions, not problems and aiming to excel at what they do.

A marketer focused on priorities, results and quality of outputs fuelled by a passion for innovation. Still caring a drive to learn and move forward after 20 years of career in the MKT, HR, Start-up and IT worlds in the Silicon Valley in the USA as well as Europe at multiple and worldwide companies and organisations from diverse industries.

A “self & others” made person at life and business that has gathered under her belt tools, knowledge, experiences and initiatives for the entrepreneurial ecosystem including having started a few businesses of her own and by launching Pro-bono and Volunteer Projects that she believes move the needle for a better future and world.

A happy nomad warrior soul from Lisbon with a heart from Alentejo, Portugal and from the Bay Area, USA who is the mother and educator of 2 amazing kids, that everyday remind her that she is in no way half-done in life, she is just starting.

All of these, are indeed a hand full of reasons to now and then, feel inspired. Thus now and then creates new business ideas or initiatives.

And now and then, finds the time to write on her blog about things that Pop-up to her mind.

Know more about Thy work or visit Thy blog. May it be of value and useful to you.