“Trying to define yourself is like trying to bite your own teeth.”

Alan Watts.


I am the result and intersection of being an Executive Advisor, Business Coach and Leadership Mentor with intrinsic skills essential for strategy, that gets s#it done on a daily basis. All while helping Founders, CxO’s and Organizations walk the talk by making business and results happen in strategic creative ways.

Considered by others to be a cheerful warrior soul in life and business that gathered under the belt the tools, knowledge, and experience essential for the entrepreneurial ecosystem. All while founding diverse businesses and from 20+ years of a global career in the Startup and IT worlds as well as in areas such as HR, Marketing, Communication and Business Strategy in the Silicon Valley USA and across Europe.

Additionally, I see myself as a natural communicator in a constant search for the paths that may take my curiosity from knowledge to wisdom. With a never-ending drive to learn and give back, with pro-bono social projects that I believe move the needle for a better future and world, I am a strong believer that knowledge has value only when turned into action.

All of these, are indeed a hand full of reasons to now and then feel inspired. Thus now and then I find the time to write on my blog about things that Pop-up to my mind. Know more about My blog or visit My work. May it be of value and use to you.

Be well and let’s talk one of these days!

Luisa Baltazar